Monday 18th December 2017
7.30pm for 8:30pm start / £4

Oxford's / Underground / Cinema

Strange things are afoot at the Nakotomi tower. Some appallingly stereotypical Euro-terrorists led by über-suave and sophisticated Hans (seriously) are cooking up more than sprouts for a festive turkey shoot! But, they didn't count on a certain Mr. J. MCLEAN (no relation to the fluoride giant) getting out his turkey baster and unleashing the stuffing of a lifetime.  Throw on the wife beater and say preposterous things like, "yipee kyae mothercare pushchair".

Look ma, no shoes... AIEEEEEEEE! Cinema Under The Stairs is an underground cinema in the heart of Oxford. Monthly get-togethers with cool flicks, flowing alcohol, fun folk, fanzines and the world famous 'EL GORDO' raffle! And all within an amazing atmosphere.

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