Thursday 3rd May 2018
11pm-3am / £3 advance / £4 OTD

art pop / industrial funk / electronic

Vaunce [live act] + Neil + Rancid Jazz + johnjones

To promote their upcoming production of Huxley’s Brave New World (3rd week O'Reilly), allow 472 Productions to lead you by the hand from uninhibited humanity to the artificiality and psychological manipulation of AF 632. Platforming the contrast between the savagery of nature and the rigorous, systematic control of the World State, this evening showcases the theatrical, heavy art pop of Vaunce alongside a line-up of three renowned DJs, whose sets progressively ascend into intricate, pounding techno. Sample our reimagining of the drink SOMA™, the drink that keeps our citizens content and maintains state control.

Is it better to be happy or free? / Tickets: