Oxfords last truly independent grassroots music and arts venue is under serious threat of closure

Amazing news, the planning application that our landlords, St Michael’s & All Saint’s Charities has been withdrawn. For those of you that weren't aware, in September '17, we were given the news that our landlords had applied to redevelop the basement site of the Cellar, early next year and turn it into a retail space.  INCREDIBLE support flooded in for us, support that has been beyond our wildest dreams.  

Now, not only as the current application been withdrawn, the local and national community has most certainly heard loud and clear how vital the survival of small music and arts venues are to our lives.  We are keen to go forward in the hope that we can come to a positive resolution with this charity so we can continue to make our contribution as a venue to this vital aspect of ALL our lives that we care so passionately about. 

Watch this space for the latest updated delivered to you on what will now happen going forward...

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AND THANK YOU SO SO MUCH to all the amazing individuals, businesses, jounalists, politicians and organisations out there who have taken time out of their busy lives to object to the planning application, join the Save The Cellar petition and generally spread the love for our venue and small music and arts venues in general. It's been incredible and yes it really has been emotional!!!